Friday, August 9, 2013

Why You Should Not Support The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a corrupt, money making business.  It's all about the money...your money.  Consider the following issues before you donate to the organization.  You can read details of all of these issues on my other blogs.  Read them before you donate. 

Officer misconduct:  Salvation Army officers are protected by the organization when they commit acts of misconduct and criminal actions, including rape and sexual assault.  Lt. Luis Valdez, a Salvation Army officer, was arrested and charged with raping a 16 year old girl in El Paso.  The Salvation Army transferred him to a new playground, housing him at a children's day camp for a year.  Another officer raped a young girl in Hawaii and was never punished.  The Salvation Army told victims he was terminated, but those victims found out he was merely transferred to a new location.  The victims found out when they read his obituary 50 years later.  He was a Salvation Army officer when he died.

Another officer, Major Robert Green took pictures of women's rear ends and showed them in a Power Point presentation.  He was simply transferred to another location.  He is still on the job in Fort Worth, Texas, and still disrespecting women. 

Officer misconduct runs rampant throughout The Salvation Army.  Offenses for which employees are terminated is never addressed if committed by officers, or the officer is merely transferred to another Salvation Army location.  There is a "thin black line" that covers up and that protects officers.

Disaster Relief Scams: Read The Salvation Army's pleas for disaster relief donations very carefully.  None of those pleas state that your donations will go to the victims of disaster victims.  The money goes into the general fund of The Salvation Army.  Victims of disasters never see the money, even though you believe you are donating money for their benefit.  Disaster relief is a money making business for The Salvation Army.

Employee Pension Plan: The Salvation Army has a liability for employee pensions that is approaching $2 billion.  The pension plan is severely underfunded, yet the organization owns more than $4 billion in real estate, including luxury offices and homes for its officers.  Employees who are counting on retirement benefits from The Salvation Army should be aware of the issues with underfunding the plan.

Vehicle Donation Plan: The issue with this program relates to officer embezzlement of funds from sales of donated vehicles and fraudulent letters sent to donors who use those letters to justify income tax deductions for vehicles donated to The Salvation Army for resale.  If you donated a vehicle to The Salvation Army and the vehicle was not sold for the amount the organization represented to you in its donor letter, you may have an issue with the Internal Revenue Service.

There are many issues that should cause you to pause if you are considering a donation to The Salvation Army.  Read my blogs before you support corruption.
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